Top Kitchen Colour Trends 2020

Now that autumn is here and the end of the year approaches, we turn our thoughts to what colour trends we can expect in the kitchen in 2020.

There are some trends from this year that we believe will continue and some that have started to emerge that will grow next year.

Blue and Green

Blue and green have been popular colours this year and we expect this to continue into 2020. Blue can take on many forms from dark and moody to soft and relaxing.  Seaside blues can create the feel of a coastal kitchen, whilst pale blues can reflect more of a scandi vibe.

Green can be a calming colour choice and ideal for the kitchen as we often associate it with nature and freshness.  From bold and bright lime greens to more subtle sage greens, there is plenty of scope to be creative.  Dark emerald green can work well with a painted shaker style, where as a jade green can be more modern with a flat door, especially when teamed with some trendy silver mosaic tiles.

Darker shades such as navy blue and graphite can create a striking look for a kitchen.  Clever lighting and the introduction of contrasting white or metallic accessories can avoid a dark design feeling claustrophobic. Combining two shades, a lighter and a darker hue can also work well, especially with so many gorgeous shades of blue available.


Metallics have been popular in the kitchen for some time now.  They can be warm and striking at the same time, offering a touch of drama and luxury to the room.

For some, adding a few touches of metallic is as bold as they wish to go, but for others there are opportunities to team bold metallic doors with shades of grey or black to create a sophisticated kitchen with a luxury feel.

Using a contrasting metallic trim can be used to great effect and then highlighted with the use of accessories, such as light shades, taps and worktop appliances.

Bold Black

There is a growing trend for using darker colours in the home, with black and graphite proving popular in the kitchen.

Black can work really well when it is contrasted by rich coffee browns, shades of grey, taupe or shades of beige.

Black absorbs rather than reflects light, so it is best to balance a black design with plenty of light.  If there are limitations on natural light then light walls, glass splashbacks, mirrored doors and skylights can all help bring in extra light.

Black brings a lot of drama to a kitchen and can take bold accent colours.  Adding brightly coloured stools for example or a feature wall works really well.

How to create perfect storage for the bedroom

Storage is key when designing a new bedroom as you want your room to be free of clutter to create the perfect haven for rest and relaxation.

Choosing made to measure fitted furniture is a great way to get all the storage you need.

Our fitted bedroom furniture offers a wealth of options to choose from including both contemporary and traditional styles with fixed and sliding door options.  With a comprehensive range of storage options and accessories available including lighting, we can create a bedroom that is both beautiful and functional.

With the option of angled wardrobe units, every inch of space right up to your sloping ceiling can be utilised as our angled door fits perfectly.  There is no need to ponder where to hide all those items as these angled robe units will fit flush so that all these items can be hidden.

We also offer a wide range of additional bedroom furniture to ensure your bedroom stays clutter free. There is a selection of storage chests and bedside drawers that can store many household items.

Store bulky bedding such as pillows and blankets out of sight in a three drawer storage chest at the bottom of your bed or hide away books and magazines in your bedside drawer.

Add a matching dressing table for storage of your everyday essentials, the perfect place to store your jewellery and smaller or valuable items.

Internal storage solutions can be tailored to your own requirements.  We can incorporate three quarter hanging rails for your coats and dresses, double hanging rails for trousers and shirts, with pull out options for ease of access or single hanging rails for jackets.  Shelving, shoe racks and drawers are perfect for storing folded clothes and other items.

Why not take a look at our beautiful bedrooms collection here or make an appointment to visit the showroom and talk to one of our designers.  We look forward to seeing you soon.